Complete Two Dose Vaccine Failure in Scotland

Scotland is max-vaxxed, with more enforcement than England. It has been the source of a number of good stories wherein some isolated group of people, almost all vaccinated, suffered a huge breakout of COVID, and the unvaxxed were the least affected. And press stories wondering about huge rises in “mysterious” heart attacks from blocked arteries. Scotland also publishes detailed excess death numbers, and we saw excess deaths rise steeply in each age band as it became eligible and began vaccinating.

Scotland has also led the UK in revealing negative vaccine efficacy. In terms of case numbers, that’s visible in many countries and exploding with Omicron. But in Scotland it has also been visible already in hospitalisations and deaths. This substack article looks at the most recent data, population-adjusted and age-adjusted week to week. You’ll see that hospitalisations and death rates are lowest for the unvaccinated and highest for the double-vaccinated. The limited protection of the second dose wearing off is why they’re chasing people to get boosted. But the unvaccinated are also doing better than the triple-jabbed.

See some key data points in the comments.

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