Pfizer expects $102 billion in 2022 – a new record

How an extremely rich set of organisations, richer than many countries, are manipulating global organisations such as the World Economic Foundation (WEF) and the United Nations (UN), in order to implement Globalist strategies.

How the Globalists’ strategies are effectively, and currently, transferring wealth from the treasuries of nations into the revenue streams of private corporations.

Results are in… vaccines increase myocarditis by 133 times

Increased risk, of over 133 times the normal, of myocarditis due to vaccinations… and this is after they made it harder to define it. Maybe this is why MSM are not reporting this, rather they are reporting that cleaning snow from the drive, drinking fizzy drinks, or watching football, etc. is going to lead to a surge in heart attacks of healthy people…

Revoking vaccination as a condition of deployment across all health and social care

URGENT: Please contribute to the survey, and share this page

The government is seeking input on their ‘no jab, no job’ policy for care home workers… but only until Feb 16th. Please share and contribute

Lockdowns did zero help

Something that MSM is unsurprisingly not talking about… a new meta-analysis of the efficacy of the Covid-1984 protocols (lockdowns, 6ft rule, et al) has shown that while Sage was saying that “lockdowns would prevent 98% of covid deaths”, the actual figure was “little to no effect”… and that this was already known following the last pandemic. So it was all a deliberate lie.

So again… why is the MSM not talking about this report?