Rare Vulvar Ulcers in Adolescent Girls following Covid Vax

Reports of Rare Vulvar Ulcers in Adolescent Girls Following Pfizer COVID-19 Injections
Cases of rare vulvar ulcers have been diagnosed in adolescent girls after receiving a second dose of #Pfizer’s mRNA #Vaccine against #COVID19, according to the April edition of the Journal of Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology.


Two years after the First UK Lockdown, a Full Analysis including the Neil Ferguson Forecasting Model

A vital Report and forecasting model had been released a week earlier March 16, 2020 by the Neil Ferguson team at Imperial College London.

The UK went into Lockdown on March 23, 2020. According to many this moment in history kicked off a radical upheaval of almost all aspects of economics, law, and public health.

This video analyses that report and the balance and management of the UK government’s response.

Pfizer always knew nanoparticles travelled to the ovaries and liver, according to their documents

“Dr. Naomi Wolf and her team have been digging through the Pfizer documents (they wanted sealed for decades), and it looks like they were fully aware that the lipid nanoparticles in the injection didn’t stay in the bicep.

“Pfizer knew, apparently, that it was going to the liver and the ovaries.”


Pfizer expects $102 billion in 2022 – a new record

How an extremely rich set of organisations, richer than many countries, are manipulating global organisations such as the World Economic Foundation (WEF) and the United Nations (UN), in order to implement Globalist strategies.

How the Globalists’ strategies are effectively, and currently, transferring wealth from the treasuries of nations into the revenue streams of private corporations.

Results are in… vaccines increase myocarditis by 133 times

Increased risk, of over 133 times the normal, of myocarditis due to vaccinations… and this is after they made it harder to define it. Maybe this is why MSM are not reporting this, rather they are reporting that cleaning snow from the drive, drinking fizzy drinks, or watching football, etc. is going to lead to a surge in heart attacks of healthy people…

Revoking vaccination as a condition of deployment across all health and social care

URGENT: Please contribute to the survey, and share this page

The government is seeking input on their ‘no jab, no job’ policy for care home workers… but only until Feb 16th. Please share and contribute



Complete Two Dose Vaccine Failure in Scotland

Scotland is max-vaxxed, with more enforcement than England. It has been the source of a number of good stories wherein some isolated group of people, almost all vaccinated, suffered a huge breakout of COVID, and the unvaxxed were the least affected. And press stories wondering about huge rises in “mysterious” heart attacks from blocked arteries. Scotland also publishes detailed excess death numbers, and we saw excess deaths rise steeply in each age band as it became eligible and began vaccinating.

Scotland has also led the UK in revealing negative vaccine efficacy. In terms of case numbers, that’s visible in many countries and exploding with Omicron. But in Scotland it has also been visible already in hospitalisations and deaths. This substack article looks at the most recent data, population-adjusted and age-adjusted week to week. You’ll see that hospitalisations and death rates are lowest for the unvaccinated and highest for the double-vaccinated. The limited protection of the second dose wearing off is why they’re chasing people to get boosted. But the unvaccinated are also doing better than the triple-jabbed.

See some key data points in the comments.


URGENT Update 31/12/21. Crime reference… – The AJ Roberts Show

URGENT Update 31/12/21.

Crime reference number. 6029679/21 For Misconduct in public office and Gross negligent manslaughter made at Hammersmith police station on Monday the 20th of December 2021.

1, evidence is being sent by Philip Hyland PJH Law, Lois Bayliss Broad Yorkshire Law, Dr Sam White and myself to and collated by The Metropolitan police at Hammersmith CID.

2, the demand to stop the V program remains a priority and The police are reminded of this daily.

3, PJH Law with the help of a senior QC are preparing an injunction to apply to the high court to stop the V program.

4, a number of world renowned experts many of whom are known, doctors, lawyers, virologists, immunologists, scientists, professors, data and intelligence experts have added their names and offered assistance to The Metropolitan Police to support this criminal investigation.

5, all Chief Constables in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have been contacted and made aware of the criminal complaint and the crime number allocation. They have also been made aware of the ICC application and their subsequent acknowledgment.

6, the office of The Mayor of London and Police Crime Commissioner Sadiq Khan has been notified of the criminal investigation and the ICC application. He has been asked and for him to instruct (as is his lawful duty), The Metropolitan Police to make a public announcement to stop the V program immediately. They have a duty to protect the public from death, harm, injury and loss.

7, the Superintendent to Cressida Dick is aware and has acknowledged the criminal complaint. Also the credible witnesses making contact with him have been acknowledged and their details and evidence forwarded to Hammersmith CID by the Superintendent.

8, some members of Parliament have been made aware of the criminal complaint and the ICC application.

9, from today’s live interview with Reiner Feullmich, Dr Sam White was joined by Advocate of the Indian Barr Association lawyer Dipali Ojha. She confirmed a petition was filed in the High court in Bombay on the 25/11/21 against the V manufactures. They have also instructed the CBI in India (central bureau of investigation) to investigate the murders by the V of a number of victims. They cite Bill Gates and other executive officers of the V companies who have collaborated together as being responsible. Applications for compensation in the hundreds of millions of dollars have been made.

10, there are a number of people including retired and serving lawyers and retired police now working flat out, to obtain statements from those damaged by the V or who have lost loved ones believed from the V.

11, due to the sheer volume of victims out there and those coming forward it is impossible to make contact with them all. We are now recommending all victims of the V make contact with their local police force.

Due to the evidence being submitted to The Metropolitan police we believe each individual has a right to be classed as a victim of crime. The injuries attributed to the V must be documented by the police and an appropriate crime number issued. It could be anything from actual bodily harm through to Grievous bodily harm , manslaughter and ultimately murder. We now know those in government, the NHS and the MHRA knew about the dangers of the V, were made aware (and proof of this is provided to The Met) and did nothing to stop it. In fact they continue to promote it as the only safe remedy when it is not.


12, if any police force refuse to treat you as a victim of crime or provide a crime number remind them of the national crime recording standards as detailed below. If you believe you are a victim of crime and there is no evidence to the contrary a crime must be recorded.

13, if they continue to refuse ask them to take a victim statement of complaint including a victim personal statement and request it is forwarded, on your behalf, to The Metropolitan Police, Hammersmith CID quoting the CRIME NUMBER;


This is the actual crime number allocated to this investigation.


if you have already been sacked or forced to leave your job because you refused to take the V you have been blackmailed. This is a criminal offence. (See below). Nobody has a right to demand you take any kind of intrusive medication, V or gene therapy and then sack you or threaten you with losing your livelihood.

Again we are advising you to go to your local police station and make a criminal complaint as a victim of blackmail against the person who dismissed you. Saying it’s a government mandate is no excuse and this is unlawful. The individual is responsible for their actions in making unlawful demands causing you loss, not an organisation or government body.

Again, cite the crime recording standards. If that fails request that a victim statement is taken including a victim personal statement and ask for it to be forwarded to, The CID department at Hammersmith police station using crime reference number;


15, it is not possible (due to the sheer volume) to respond to personal messages and requests. We are working flat out with a large number of people to obtain as much evidence and information as possible in order to assist the Metropolitan Police with this massive criminal investigation.

Please remain positive and supportive, we know the nature of the beast and dismissive or negative comments don’t help. There is huge interest in this criminal complaint from many countries around the world and we are encouraging them to do the same.

Rest assured the work to stop this and bringing those responsible to justice will continue unabated. We need everyone to pull together and work together, if you get knocked back be persistent and insistent and remember the police work for us.

We are also asking for now, avoid sending links, videos and documents because we have thousands of these already and they are very time consuming to go through.

As soon as there are any other notable updates or developments we will let you know. Please share this post far and wide.