Rare Vulvar Ulcers in Adolescent Girls following Covid Vax

Reports of Rare Vulvar Ulcers in Adolescent Girls Following Pfizer COVID-19 Injections
Cases of rare vulvar ulcers have been diagnosed in adolescent girls after receiving a second dose of #Pfizer’s mRNA #Vaccine against #COVID19, according to the April edition of the Journal of Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology.


Two years after the First UK Lockdown, a Full Analysis including the Neil Ferguson Forecasting Model

A vital Report and forecasting model had been released a week earlier March 16, 2020 by the Neil Ferguson team at Imperial College London.

The UK went into Lockdown on March 23, 2020. According to many this moment in history kicked off a radical upheaval of almost all aspects of economics, law, and public health.

This video analyses that report and the balance and management of the UK government’s response.

How badly has two years of lockdown and fear affected all of us?

Two years of lockdown and fear has affected us all, but just how affected? A deep psychological analysis sheds light on the deep impacts on mental health. Could these effects be caused by covid itself? Or are they the effects of the government’s response?

Pfizer expects $102 billion in 2022 – a new record

How an extremely rich set of organisations, richer than many countries, are manipulating global organisations such as the World Economic Foundation (WEF) and the United Nations (UN), in order to implement Globalist strategies.

How the Globalists’ strategies are effectively, and currently, transferring wealth from the treasuries of nations into the revenue streams of private corporations.

Lockdowns did zero help

Something that MSM is unsurprisingly not talking about… a new meta-analysis of the efficacy of the Covid-1984 protocols (lockdowns, 6ft rule, et al) has shown that while Sage was saying that “lockdowns would prevent 98% of covid deaths”, the actual figure was “little to no effect”… and that this was already known following the last pandemic. So it was all a deliberate lie.

So again… why is the MSM not talking about this report?

Omicron… is now the Common Cold

Israel is considering approving a fourth Covid-19 vaccine dose, and the rest of the world is racing to be next, for vulnerable people in an effort to contain the fast-spreading Omicron variant. In case you didn’t know, Omicron has the same symptoms of, and is indistinguishable from, the common cold… which is evidence that there is no more endemic, let alone pandemic.

However, rather than get another booster, some scientists are urging caution, citing a lack of evidence either for or against this latest booster. In fact, getting another booster will probably lead to “immunity fatigue” and actually will weaken, or even destroy, the immune system and make you more suseptible to Covid.

Read more at: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/23/wo…


UK Government admit that the vaccines have damaged the natural immune systems of the double jabbed.

The British government has spilled the beans about that fact that once you get double jabbed, you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity against Covid variants – or possibly any virus.

So let’s watch the ‘real’ pandemic begin now!

In its Week 42 “COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report,” the U.K. Health Security Agency admitted on page 23 that “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who acquire infection following two doses of vaccination.” It goes on to explain that this antibody drop is basically permanent.

What’s this mean?

We know the vaccines do not stop infection or transmission of the virus (in fact, the report shows elsewhere that vaccinated adults are now being infected at much HIGHER rates than the unvaccinated).

What the British are saying is they are now finding the vaccine interferes with your body’s innate ability after infection to produce antibodies against not just the spike protein but other pieces of the virus. Specifically, vaccinated people don’t seem to be producing antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein, the shell of the virus, which are a crucial part of the response in unvaccinated people.

In the long term, people who take the vaccine will be far more vulnerable to any mutations in the spike protein that might come along, even if they have already been infected and recovered once, or more than once.

The unvaccinated, meanwhile, will procure lasting, if not permanent, immunity to all strains of the alleged virus after being infected with it naturally even just once.

Read it for yourself.. Page 24: