‘Dimming the sun’: $100m geoengineering research programme proposed

They’re already doing this to our skies everyday and no one talks about it. But if it becomes much worse, what then? Will they literally take sun away from us? I cannot think of anything more depressing. No access to natural Vitamin D. The globalists are purely psychotic with an obsession with depopulation. They hate life, they hate humanity. If only most people understood that man-made climate change is pure fiction.


Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go?

A question I ask myself every day/night… the internet promised so much: freedom, opportunity to randomly find interesting topics and views, and decentralisation. So much promise that has since been abused and corralled. So how has this happened? Has the internet really dramatically shrunk?

Have you ever heard about a Potemkin Village?

Your search engine might be making you think there are millions of pages of results and you can access anything with a simple query, but we did a test and we were kinda shocked with what little we actually found.

George Orwell didn’t even get to this part… the digital baby gate. Or is it the cyber wall a la “The Truman Show”? Or the online version of the Matrix pod?

You just have to see it for yourself.


After a new robot called ‘Ameka’ woke up, it examined its two hands as if surprised it now had a new body. The founder of its creator: ‘Engineered Art’, Will, said that they made the robot look like a human to interact with people.

Nothing to be worried about here folks! Watch the video for yourself and make your own decisions